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May 17, 2012 by Dylan

This is mainly an excuse for a picture post. My mom drove down from Vashon this weekend and we drove out to Cannon Beach, well, a little south of Cannon Beach, and had an amazing Saturday. The weather on the beach was perfect. It was in the mid-70s with just a little wind.

On Saturday morning, we loaded up the car with all our supplies and headed out. We made a pit stop for some diner breakfast at a Shari’s and found a dollar store and a Saturday market to pick up some last minute things, including delicious strawberries. After fortifying, we hit the road. The Little Man was starting to get antsy just as we found a quiet beach that wasn’t too full.

Our blankets were spread, and the cooler was in place, and the fun started. The LM had buckets, shovels, bubbles, and plenty of sand and water to play with. I slathered myself in sunscreen and prepared for a day of lying in the sun. We drank beer, ate good food, and generally had a great time.

That was pretty much it. I took a bunch of pictures and a video of the LM swordfighting the bubbles. Check it out.

While we were at the beach, Mr. P went hiking in the mountains. If you’re interested, you can read about his hike/check out his photos here. He had a really long day, and hiked like a madman, but it sounded like he had a good time. I prefer the beach, but what are you going to do.

I want to figure out a way to get to the beach many more times this summer. If any my Portland friends want to plan day trips, I am willing to throw in money for gas and pack a lunch. Summertime, here we come.

Here is the rest of the set if you are interested. Happy viewing.

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